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The dilemma of describing God

We can describe God in two ways:

1) Describe Him as a knowable human being with all human attributes, or

2) Describe Him as an incomprehensible and an unfathomable Supreme Being, whose form is unknown.

If we choose option 1, then selecting one deity as The Universal God, from among the hundreds worshipped as "God" is an insurmountable challenge. We shall discuss the reasons in the book, IN SEARCH OF THE UNIVERSAL GOD.

Next consider option 2 of describing God. Imagine you are a Global Citizen and on a mission to promote Universal Brotherhood. The council of GLOBAL PEACE has tasked you with the responsibility of describing God, who is addressed as follows:

  • Parmatma by the Hindus.
  • Allah by the Muslims.
  • The God of Abraham or Yahweh of the Jews.
  • "Our Father in Heaven" of the Christians.

How would you describe the above God? as a single Universal God or four different Gods? How would you separate God the Creator from the the rest of creations or "Not Gods"? To answer these questions you need to consider three distinct attributes of God: Creator, Sustainer and Evolver. More in the book, IN SEARCH OF THE UNIVERSAL GOD.