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Frequently Asked Questions
About the Book

Here is what people have been asking about "In Search of The Universal God" . If you find your question isn't featured here, feel free to write to us.

1. Who is The Universal God?
The Universal God is the God of all humankind. He is not a partisan God. He loves us all abundantly and unconditionally. He does not discriminate against anybody for being a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a practitioner of any other faith or even an atheist.

2. Are you telling me that my religion is wrong?
Religions are not right or wrong. It is our interpretation of religion that is right or wrong. Think about it. Did we choose the God we worship or are we simply worshipping the God of our parents and our ancestors? Should we not try and find out that the God we are worshipping is God the Creator? The truth is that we humans have failed to understand the true nature of God. Over the centuries we have lowered God to the level of human beings. Therefore we need to first correct our perception about God. “In Search of the Universal God” helps you do that and much more……

3. Do I have to change my religion to believe in the Universal God?
No you don't need to change your religion. You can rediscover the Universal God in your own religion.

4. But I already have a God in my religion. Why do I need "this" Universal God?
Yes we all have a God in our religion. But think about it. Why are there different Gods of the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and other religions? Why are we still quarrelling, fighting and killing each other in the name of God and religion. We are doing this because we are not worshipping the same God. Find answers to more questions in the book, In"Search of the Universal God".

5. Where can I find a hard copy for this book?
Hard copy of the book will be available after we find a publisher for the book.

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