About The book


This is not about me. This is about you, the shepherd and guide, leading me to a traditional publisher. Helping to get the message across, to our brothers and sisters, on opposite sides of the religious divide. And what really is the message? The message is this:
Ignorance about God is a major cause of religious conflict. We can dispel the darkness of ignorance by switching ON the light of knowledge. This book contains that knowledge which would help all of us discover the god of humankind or the Universal God in our own religion.

Why am I seeking a literary agent or why do I need a traditional publishing route, when I can easily self-publish? There are two reasons:

  • The joy of reading a traditional hard copy cannot be replicated on the small screen of a smart phone, smart reader, tablet or even a laptop because this is not a “text only” work of fiction. This book uses images, graphics and tables to present the wisdom of scriptures in a modern day context.
  • Most important, only a literary agent with experience, expertise and industry knowledge would be able to solemnize the marriage of a social cause (global peace) with the commercial interest of a publisher. In fact only a literary agent would be able to guide me if this work should be published by an NGO (with a stake in global peace and conflict resolution), a philanthropic trust or a commercial publisher.

If you are interested in this project, please write to me at vijay@the-universal-god.com
Thanks for your time and patience.
Vijay Atawane.